December 3, 2023

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Worker Lodging

Worker Lodging

A confirmed New Jersey employment legislation supply makes the next necessary level regarding place of work discrimination concentrated on a potential or present employee’s incapacity. It unfortunately notes that many employers “can not glance previous an individual’s impairment, and simplest see “can’t” or “price.” This is each unfair and unlucky. Additionally, it additionally spells this: flatly illegal behavior geared toward a make a selection employment demographic this is rightly afforded coverage below robust federal and state regulations.

A New Jersey employer that treats a disabled employee in an unlawful approach runs squarely into statutory law that firmly prohibits such behavior. Each the federal and New Jersey regulations cited above set forth a “affordable” lodging check that courts are guided via in paintings position incapacity discrimination instances.

The aforementioned employment legislation puts the onus upon employers to interact in just right religion with a disabled activity candidate or employee regarding lodging. If the lodging is cheap and can also be introduced, with out striking an undue burden at the employer, then the lodging MUST be introduced.